3044am永利集团官网是山东省知名企业瑞鑫集团于2002年投资建立、专业生产 "JX"品牌二极管、桥式整流器件的电子企业 ,集科研、生产、销售一体 ,技术力量 雄厚。
公司2002年建厂,现有阳信3044am永利集团官网小桑经贸园区与阳信工业园区两处厂区。公司总投资达2亿元,共占地230亩 ,总建筑面积25000平米,员工400多人。年产种种电子器件48亿只。

Yangxin JinXin Electronics Company Limited is invested by well-known enterprise YangxinRui Xin group, and in the line diodes and rectifiers of JX brand, is a manufacture; sales, research and developement of high-tech enterprise, the technical force is abundant.
The company was founded in 2002, and now has two plants of Xiaosang economic trade zone and YangXin economic development zone . The company has total assets of 200 million yuan, it covers an area of 230 mu, th? total construction area of 25000 square meters, and has more than 400 employees.The yearly capacity can reach 4800 kk for diodes and bridges.
Our products are widely used in mobile phones, computers, home appliances, chargers, LED power, automotive electronic energy-saving lamps and other fields.


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